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Air washer air handling device

Air washer air handling device has all properties of a normal air handling system except that for it has air washer system for air cooling & it doesn’t have cooling coil. From a long time ago Spraying water in the air and bedew the mud walls for cooling the home space was very common that today, in scientific language is called evaporative cooling technique that use in air washers. This method ,especially in regions with dry and semiarid weather , works very well & extremely profitable & aaffordable.

Split water supply is connected to the air washer’s tank & the water level is controlled by float. Feed pump ,pumps the water to the headers & risers

& Water small droplets (atomized) will be injected to the air washer’s passing air through the sprays & some of it will be absorbed by the air & what is left will returns to the tank. That part of water that absorbed by the air will gets the air heating & Evaporates so the air gets cold & a little humidified & possible droplets that were not atomized will be caught when passing Drop Catchers & returns to the tank & cold & humidified air will be removed from air washer outlet.

//the device chassis is from cornerstone beam,beam u-, with the necessary cornerstone making/japan made bearings(pillow block) with appropriate size with Japanese ball bearings (self alighement)with high pressure piping for injectable  grease from out of the device//Shafts made ??of polished stones and eaten ck 45//structure from fabric aluminum profiles with high strength & special corners//V shaped aluminum washable filters//special,sized cable connector gland on the body//hinged visit control valves for visiting & easy servicing & control//new & returning aluminum gear & socket polyamide dampers with manual adjustable blade structure & option for installing damper motor Arosio design ,Italy//air washer pan from galvanized steel (hot dip galvanized) with suitable thickness & with screw&nut type outer flanges that painted & coated with epoxy coating(coltar epoxy) without using welding //air handling device pan has overflow sockets-drain-floater-fast filler (quick make up)//internal headers from high pressure pvc pipes to install related nozzles //plastic anti-fouling spray nozzles for spraying water//eliminator from galvanized steel to absorb moisture and get water droplets//box for mixing air(mixing box)//air entrance part with

washable aluminum filter Washable  aluminum flat / v/ type filter 2" //download catalog , technical descriptions, air handling & air washer tables.






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