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High Genic Air Handling Device

Structures made of stainless steel or aluminum profiles specially made to be Air fuselage is a double-wall insulation is installed between In some special cases the wall or both walls are made of stainless steel sheet & In other cases, galvanized steel, aluminum alloys are used.  Air sealing cracks and holes in outside of air device are in a special type. So that no air can penetrate through the air and vice versa Inspection and service door are completely airtight and ambient air can not penetrate in certain cases, the engine & the propeller fan can be coupled directly and is a fast montage damper blades are used in are completely airtight and arsio model (Arosio) Italy
All procedures were in compliance with the DIN standard devices and tips for easy cleaning and interior components can be observed.  Air fuselage is very durable and is manufactured in accordance with EN 1886 Class A2 standard. Cooling coil for cooling can be used with chilled water or DX coils. Heating coil for heating with hot water or steam can be used building a regional and multi-regional air is possible air handling device is Equipped with an air pressure differential on either side of the HEPA filter or olpa filter replacement and will announced by them It is good to explain that based to the request it can be used without HEPA filter  & just design & offer with bag filters with metal honeycomb shape.




Technical Specifications and air table and Air washer

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